viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Impacts on coastal dune systems

Coastal dune systems are one of the most fragile and dynamic ecosystems existing on the Earth. However, their own features always have been interesting by human. In places such as Mediterranean or Caribean, where the climate conditions are optimal by the mass tourism development (beach and sun) the impacts carried out upon these ecosystems have been recurrent over the last decades. According to their fragility, any impact either human or natural, can suppose a negative input for their evolution and conservation state.

Their preservation is closely related to the possibility of their natural adaptation to dynamic changes caused by both natural and man agents. Over the last decades coastal occupation by man has been massive, rapid and acultural. All these processes have given as a result important landscape modification as well as its natural and traditional features.

There exist diferent impacts to be considered when we are dealing about coastal dune systems. In this sense, I share an interesting video which deals about some of these impacts, and about the need to carry out an optimal management for improve and recover that kind of ecosystems.

Miquel Mir Gual

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