jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

An economic evaluation of beach erosion

The attached paper examines the relative economic efficiency of three distinct beach erosion managemenr policies - beach nourishment with shoreline armoning, and shoreline retreat. The analysis focused on (i) the recreational  benefits of beaches, (ii) the property values effects of beach management, and (iii) the costs associated with the three management scenarios. Assuming the removal of shoreline armoning improves overall beach quality, beach nourishment with shoreline armoring is the least desirable of the three alternatives. The countervailing property losses under a retreat strategy are the same order of magnitude as the foregone management costs when the beneficial effects of retreat - higher values of housing services for those houses not lost to erosion - are considered. The relative desirability of these alternative strategies depends upon the realized erosion rate and how management costs change over time.

Miquel Mir Gual

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